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Wilkes-Barre Times - May 31, 1896

At Fowler, Dick & Walker's Mammoth Boston Store

This week that hustling and progressive firm, Fowler, Dick & Walker, is holding an immense anniversary sale at its mammoth store on South Main street. It is just seventeen years tomorrow since this firm began business in this city, then occupying but a small corner of the present commodious establishment on South Main street. At that time the store was not sufficiently large to hold one department at the present day.

Starting in with a small dry goods and notion store they have steadily advanced and enlarged until now the Boston Store is about the most complete retail emporium in norteastern Pennsylvania. Indeed so complete and diversied is the store's assortment of goods that no person with a desire to purchase can fail to secure what he or she wishes.

Aside from the large and complete stock carried, the store is also complete in all its mechanical arrangements. In fact in this respect it is little if anything short of perfection. The firm has a magnificent power plant which supplies therr own heat, light and power for the runing of the excellent cash system and other mechanical parts of the store.

Fowler, Dick & Walker now run, in addition to their store here, three other dry goods emporiums in Binghampton, N.Y., Evansville, Ind. - this being a magnificent store structure - and another at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Messrs. Fowler, Dick & Walker are known throughout the Valley as being among the most progressive and fairest dealing retail firms within its limits.

It is well worth any shopper's while to visit the Boston Store this week to inspect the immense goods in all of its many departments. The prices too are suitable to the closest bargainer. The firm is offering this week some very tempting values. In addition to the customary large stock carried, the MacKnight stock is for sale in the basement. It consists of boots, shoes, groceries, etc. which are being sold at a great sacrifice.

There is going on this week what is called a bargain carnival - a carnival of prices. That the people throughout the valley are taking advantage of such a golden opportunity is being evidenced by the stream of shoppers that are visiting the store. Today a large throng keeps the big corps of clerks on a continual hustle and few if any leave the store without being satitisfied.

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  1. Very interesting Gilbert Walker was my Gt. Uncle and I have not seen this particular ephemera before . I have a number of letter heads (canny old Scot used Company paper when he wrote home!